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     Limited Time Sale ONLY $29!!!

               1 Discovery Session (20-30 mins phone consult)


     Limited Time Sale ONLY $349!!!

              4 weekly sessions (55-60 mins phone or zoom consult)


     Limited Time Sale ONLY $549!!!

                        Trauma Coaching ~ sessions often exceed 60 mins each ~

               depending on client needs ~ 4 weekly sessions (phone or zoom consult)


Kim in Missouri

Dawn Churchill is a great life coach! She helps me to face difficult things in my life and coaxes me out of my comfort zone. She teaches me life skills and tools to help me create goals and see them through to completion. She's never judgemental, but instead allows me to talk out my problems. She's also an excellent weight loss trainer who encourages me to eat right and gives me plans I can follow. I highly recommend her for weight loss guidance, exercise instruction, and life coaching skills.

Rachael in Texas

I was at a place in my life where I had lost myself and who God made me to be. Opinions of others, long to do lists, and God's purpose were all at war inside of me.  God was ready to move me forward into my purpose, but I was conscientiously aware that internal issues were keeping me stagnant.  Through weeks of counseling with Dawn, not only was I able to find myself again, but the boldness I once had came back!  Dawn prayerfully helped me dealt with each issue. Each coaching session was Spirit-filled. We prayed, I cried, and often God spoke through her to give  me a specific word of encouragement, insight, or instruction. I'm so grateful I found her! She has truly helped change my life!

Therese in Illinois

The FIT & FREE in 90 Day curriculum with Dawn is AMAZING! I have lost 26 pounds with Dawn's coaching (in a very short amount of time) and applying the principles of her programs. More importantly, through what I have learned, I have significantly changed my mindset and thinking toward my own health and wellness. The information in each unit is quality and life transforming when applied. I am excited to continue my journey, and keep pressing toward greater success with personal change.

To achieve something you've never accomplished before, you must BECOME someone you've never been before.”

You can program yourself to do anything necessary for success, if you will first upgrade your value & BELIEF system.

But you need a great coach!!!

achieve success